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MyVogonPoetry is back!

Wow – it’s been 7 months since I moved hosts (bluehost to hostmonster) and never got around to migrating the old site over. Sheesh. Where does the time go? Lots of stuff has happened. I may or may not catch up here. Let’s see some things I can think of:

  • Teenormous got a major facelift
  • my daughter turned 10
  • I bought myself a new Lenovo laptop
  • I’m using linux mint at home and work now
  • I got an Xbox 360 for myself for Christmas

Clear Nintendo DS Lite Case/Shell

clear ds lite case

I bought a used white Nintendo DS Lite a while back so I could play games with my daughter. I got a really good deal on it but it was white – not the coolest looking DSL. So, I bought a clear replacement shell from DealExtreme and just installed it today. Took me about 3 hours and was a major pain in the arse (though now that I have done one, I bet I could do a second MUCH quicker and easier). The result is a really great looking DS Lite. Sweet.

Geeky Fun with Google Charts

The google charts API is a blast:

Pac-Man Chart

Pac-Man's Enemies

Star Trek Away Team chart

Some more text I found that I had written about google charts:
Something you might not know and I just fully realized the potential/fun in these….

Google has a nifty tool for creating on the fly charts/graphs called the Google Charts API. The cool thing is it’s all done in the URL – no server side includes, or programming or anything is needed and it’s pretty easy to do. You can totally customize how it looks and they have MANY different types of graphs and charts.

here is the URL for the chart below:×200&chd=t:72,20,8&chl=Chocolate|Sour|Gross&chtt=Top-selling+Types+of+Candy


Might be really useful to liven up a post every now and then. Do you think this idea is:×125&cht=gom&chd=t:90&chl=Awesome

or is it:×125&cht=gom&chd=t:5&chl=Terrible


You could make some pretty funny graphs/charts if you wanted. Think of a celebrity blog post about Britney:×200&chd=t:74,5,15,5,1&chl=Crying|Shaving+Head|Eating|Singing|Wishing+she+had+K-Fed+back&chtt=How+Britney+Spends+her+Day