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MC Frontalot Kindle Scrensaver Images

I just hacked my Kindle to show custom screensaver images and found zero MC Frontalot Kindle images online! As a huge Frontalot fan, I could not sit idly by while the interwebs were devoid of Frontalot Kindle images, so I made some.

Click for the larger image, ready for your Kindle. (I did not create these images, I just made them Kindle-ready)


MC Frontalot Logo Kindle Screensaver Image MC Frontalot Kindle Screensaver Image
MC Frontalot Goth Girls Kindle Screensaver Image MC Frontalot Goth Girls Kindle Screensaver Image

New job!

Yesterday was a big day for me. After almost six years at my current job, I am changing jobs and I have accepted a job offer from a local non-profit and I start on July 9. Words can’t express how happy and excited I am to start this new job.

New office – theme?

With our new home, I’m getting my own office. I really want to theme it, and I’m trying to decide what to go with. Note that there will be 3 arcade games in the office: Star Wars, Tron, and Discs of Tron. Some options:

  • Space: I have some beautiful space-themed canvas prints for the walls (Thanks, sister!) which would make a good start to the theme, and the Star Wars arcade game fits in.
  • Robots: I want to have a place to display my robot collection and this could be cool, especially with some robot-themed art work
  • Portal: I saw a cool Portal-themed office recently that really made me want to try. Do the wall, have some Portal knick-knacks around, and some Portal art on the walls. Could be cool.
  • Star Wars: I have a few Star Wars collectibles to display plus the Star Wars arcade game. Could be good if not overdone. I saw an office once (and have a picture somewhere) that looked like the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon – that would be cool.
  • Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: I have a framed and signed poster from Douglas Adams, a 42 towel, a C64 HHGTTG game, etc. This would be subtle but classy and my robots could fit in as long as I have a Marvin in there.
  • Tron: I’m leaning towards NOT doing Tron. The only way to do it right is glowing blue on black and that’s not the look I want.

Ideas? Leave a comment!

Spelling help for elementary students

Found a great use for the iphone app Orchestra. Its main purpose is to help you make todo lists by speaking them and it converts it to text. But… I found a cool trick… my daughter frequently needs help spelling longer words she hasn’t learned yet for papers and reports, etc. It would take her a while to look up the word online or in a dictionary and it really added up when she had a long paper to write and had to look up the spelling of lots of words. Now, I let her use Orchestra – she just says the word and it shows her how to spell it almost instantly. For every individual word she has tried it (so far) has been 100% correct.