Using ant to exec mysql .sql files via a fileset

In trying to automate our DB development, we decided to use ant and Jenkins to run our SQL scripts for a deploy. We had a hard time getting ant to work and after much trial and error (and cussing and fussing) we finally got it to work. The key really was the addsourcefile=”false” attribute and the redirector. Since mysql can run sql from a file using redirection (< ) you have to use a redirector (which is poorly documented). The ant apply task can apply an executable to every file in a fileset, so this will use the mysql executable to exec every *.sql file it finds. Continue reading

MC Frontalot Kindle Scrensaver Images

I just hacked my Kindle to show custom screensaver images and found zero MC Frontalot Kindle images online! As a huge Frontalot fan, I could not sit idly by while the interwebs were devoid of Frontalot Kindle images, so I made some.

Click for the larger image, ready for your Kindle. (I did not create these images, I just made them Kindle-ready)


MC Frontalot Logo Kindle Screensaver Image MC Frontalot Kindle Screensaver Image
MC Frontalot Goth Girls Kindle Screensaver Image MC Frontalot Goth Girls Kindle Screensaver Image

Unit testing JavaBeans

I always just pretty much skipped unit testing JavaBeans since the work involved didn’t seem worth it. Today though, I was troubled by the lack of coverage on the Javabeans in our Emma code coverage reports so I googled and found this bit of unit testing brilliance: Unit Testing Javabeans. It’s a simple class that uses introspection to test the bean and works great!