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Audiobook Review – Pathfinder by Orson Scott Card

pathfinder Following right on the heels of The Lost Gate, also by Orson Scott Card, I went straight into another OSC book, Pathfinder. I liked Pathfinder much more than The Lost Gate. I got this one, too via the local libraries digital checkout (via Overdrive).

Pathfinder has two interwoven storylines – one is a sci-fi storyline and one is a medieval storyline. For the first half of the book I had no idea what they had to do with each other and the sci-fi storyline actually started irking me because the other was so much more interesting. Eventually, it made sense once all was revealed. This is a book that can easily be spoiled by the wrong summary of it so I won’t go into any detail about the plot (and don’t go reading summaries elsewhere). Here’s a hint… time travel. Confusing time travel.

The narration was excellently done by numerous voices. Each chapter/story was done in a different voice then at times new chapters that focused on a different character had a new narrator. It was a bit odd at first since I got used to (and liked) the first narrator but I got over it.

I really enjoyed the characters and the storylines in this book and heartily recommend it to anyone who likes sci-fi/fantasy. OSC leaves the door wide open for the sequels and a good litmus test for me is would I read/listen to the next one in the series? For Pathfinder, I would.

Audiobook Review – The Lost Gate by Orson Scott Card

the lost gate I just finished listening to the audiobook The Lost Gate by Orson Scott Card. I picked it up for free thanks to my local library and Overdrive.

The story is fantasy versus OSC’s usual sci-fi settings and is about the ancient gods like Odin, Thor, and Zeus who have been stranded on earth for centuries because their Great Gate has been taken. Danny is a young boy who has the gift of gate-magery and could recreate the Great Gate – if the Gate Thief doesn’t get to him first.

There are two parallel storylines in the story, one about Danny in present-day earth and one about Loki in a medieval land and each storyline is narrated by a different narrator – both of which are very good. I was much more interested in the story of Danny than Loki’s. Overall, the book wasn’t bad, but the fact that the Loki storyline wasn’t as interesting to me and the rather quick ending that totally led into sequels kinda turned me off. I’m not sure if I would read/listen to the next in the series, but I did finish it and it was entertaining, just not the best book I have heard.

Audiobook Review – The Crown Conspiracy

I just finished the excellent free (thanks to audiobook The Crown Conspiracy by Michael J. Sullivan today. I highly recommend it if you enjoy the medieval/fantasy genre. The story is excellent and Nathan Lowell (of the Share series) does a great job of narration. I can find no flaws in the audio, narration, or story. I can’t wait for more of the series. Check it out – you won’t be sorry.

Audiobook Review: The “Share” Series by Nathan Lowell

It’s not often I find a book that totally engrosses me, makes me smile, makes me tear up… and is free. I found all this and more with the series of four audiobooks from Nathan Lowell. All four books are available for free download from Podiobooks. The four books are Quarter Share, Half Share, Full Share, and Double Share.

I just finished listening to the whole series and they are some of the best audiobooks/stories I have ever heard. I’ll try not to give away too much, but they are about an average young man who loses his mother and has to enlist in “the fleet”. Despite the story occurring on ships in space, it’s really not about space – it’s much more about the characters and their interactions on-board ship. It’s so NOT about space, even my wife is listening to them and enjoying them – and she hates sci-fi.

I’m not sure why the series sucked me in so easily and so completely, but it did. Nathan Lowell’s reading of the stories could not be any better. I encourage you to give the first one, Quarter Share, a go and see if you enjoy it as much as I did. If not, you’ve lost nothing since it’s free to download and try.

Now I just have to figure out how much money to donate to the author/

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